Thursday, February 20, 2020

To what extent can duties of environmental preservation be explained Essay

To what extent can duties of environmental preservation be explained in terms of intergenerational justice - Essay Example It is with this rationale that the current paper is written to identify the best modalities, theories and approaches that can be put in place to ensure generational responsiveness environmental preservation. The issue of generational responsiveness is considered necessary because generations of all types including the past generation, present generation, and future generation have different roles to play in environmental preservation (Hayward, 1998). In the light of this, the paper seeks to explain how the duties of environmental preservation can be undertaken in terms of intergenerational justice. Gosseries (2008) lamented that despite the high level of technological progress, we continue to depend highly on the environment and its resources in running industries and economies. Regrettably, this situation has made the threat of environmental destruction a perpetual one. Happy enough, major global stakeholders including both governmental and nongovernmental agencies continue to appreciate the need for curbing the threat of environmental degradation and depletion (Hardin, 1968). It is against this premise that environmental preservation has become one of the most discussed public topics in global discourse. Holistically, environmental preservation can be said to be the process of protecting the environment against destruction and depletion so that future generations can have substantial quantum of natural resources from the environment to support them (Shrader-Frechette, 2009). The scale and nature of efforts made towards environmental preservation has evolved over the years. T he evolution accounts for different terms and concepts used to stand for environmental preservation including such ideas as sustainable development, ecological debt, de-growth, and ecological footprint (Gosseries, 2008). On the whole, environmental preservation have included practices aimed at ensuring the judicious and prudent use of

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