Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Art of Viewing Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Art of Viewing Art - Essay Example two extremely large factors that are nowadays driving our life; people are constantly in the search of their true identity without witnessing any judgments. Thus, the advancement of technology is playing an effective role in new identity representations. There is a correlation with the height of the trans-rights movement in a time where both creation and identity building are eased through the use of Internet. This idea breaks the norm and the dangers of self-creation by enabling the construct and manifest of an identity that is often seen as off-limits or not â€Å"correct† in the physical world. The artwork named as Juliana is in the form of a human figure, resting on a raised surface. The motivation behind the creation of this human figure is Juliana Huxtable, a renowned artist. Mark Guiducci stated that, â€Å"Frank Benson saw a photograph of Huxtable’s first Nuwaubian persona two years ago and asked her to model for him around that time† (n. pag.). Besides, this artwork surprises the viewers because of its life-size image and the cunning amalgamation of 3D printing with sculpture making. Similarly, the sculpture is in naked form, projecting sexual organs. Besides, this artwork represents the visual symbol of self-creation, inherent in the character (Juliana Huxtable) and his/her identity in the society as a transgender. On the other side, the artwork named as Untitled in the Rage is in the form of a photograph. Apart from the first artwork, this artwork exploits the scope of self-portrait. To be specific, the artist made use of her own body to represent her real identity. Besides, this artwork is symbolic of the rich tradition of Africa and its amalgamation with American culture in general. But the first artwork is symbolic of the scope of 3D printing and the second artwork is symbolic of the scope self-portrait and photography within art. In short, both the artworks belong to different genres, but the theme is same. The mastermind behind this sculpture (3D

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