Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Review Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Review Questions - Assignment Example On the other hand, the scanners are available that can scan bulky documents such as a whole book with high quality. These peripheral devices have impacted a lot in the world of business uses computers. Q # 2 – Computer Hardware Development It is expected that in the next ten years the hardware would be developed to support and enable the disable individuals for using the computer technologies. The hardware could include the peripheral devices so that the blind and deaf individuals can interact with the computer. Therefore, the standard peripheral devices i-e keyboard and mouse would likely to become obsolete and their dependency would be eliminated. The existing hardware technologies and devices would expect to be more effective and powerful in terms high speed and capacity. It is likely to happen that the hardware development organizations would work on the wireless devices to make them standard or norm for almost every business. These all hardware would facilitate the users to use the computer systems in more easy way with more effective manner. Q # 3 – Types of Computer System The computers are turning out to be more powerful with passing time in terms of high computing speed, increased storage capacity of data, and the capability to execute a number of diverse functions and purposes, for example, the computers are capable of transmitting voice and video communication regardless of physical distance. Moreover, the computers are growing to be more physically lesser in size, faster in speed, inexpensive, more reliable, easy-to-use and user friendly through a Graphical User Interface. These characteristics of the computers are categorized into three diverse computer systems include: the mainframe computers, midrange computers and the micro-computers. Q # 4 – Software Usage in Business There are diverse software packages that a business may require to use them in the office but this particularly depends on the nature of the business. However , the essential software package for survival of any business is Word Processing, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Outlook or e-mailing and Web browser. The Word processing allows the user to write or type a formatted text and the spreadsheets allows the users to perform calculations and decision making by analyzing the data which might be essential for any business. Formal presentations are a significant aspect of a business; therefore, the business can use diverse software such as PowerPoint that can incorporate animation, sound, graphics, charts etc. The Outlook can be used for emailing to communicate with internal and external users; moreover, the users can schedule meetings by inviting other users. The web browser is essential for utilizing the facility of the internet – a sea of information, moreover, the users can also access the intranet and extranet with the use of a web browser. Q # 5 – Future Software Packages As I have mentioned above that the hardware would be de veloped keeping in view the disable individuals, the same is the case with software would also be in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The future software applications would facilitate the users to diagnose and resolve the issues on their own or update themselves automatically when the next release or patch is available. The upcoming software packages would be inter-operable and manageable because of the availability and adaptability of open source format standards. It is

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