Sunday, November 17, 2019

No Easy day by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer Essay Example for Free

No Easy day by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer Essay No Easy day by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer, is the firsthand account of the mission that killed Bin Laden. Navy seal operator mark Owen was on operation Neptune Spear, also known as mission jeranamo and was tasked with leading a team of seals into the guest house of the compound that held Bin Laden. After they raided the guest house and kill Bin Laden’s brother he goes to the main building; c1, to assist the other operators. Once they got to the third floor of the main building, Bin Laden stuck his head out of the door; one of the operators squeezed off two rounds and hit Osama on the left side of his head. They cleared all the other rooms and gathered all the intelligence possible before they had to infiltrate. History was made on May 1, 2011; Osama Bin Laden was killed by an exceptional group of navy seals. They ended a ten year long man hunt which ended up becoming a war. Many lives were lost in the hunt for a single man; many say it was not worth it and many say it was, the point is that it is over and we are starting to pull soldiers back to the United States. Heroes are being reunited with their families and are out of danger. I learned a lot from this book because it explain a lot of parts that were miss interpreted by a lot of people; like why they did not relies the picture of dead Osama, not because they were not sure if it was him but because half of his head was missing from being shot. A lot of people did not believe it was him because the government wouldn’t release his picture and they dropped his body into the ocean. They dropped it into the ocean to avoid him becoming a martyr and people worshipping him. The book is a great book for anyone who loves the military or wants to know more about Navy seals and how they killed Bin Laden. The book goes threw a lot of Mark Owens seal training and other rotations to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also writes about how he was part of the captain Richard Phillips rescue in 2008. It has a lot of information written clearly and easy to fallow. It keeps you interested threw every sentence.

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