Friday, October 18, 2019

Enabling Australian Aged Clients to live independently in the Research Paper

Enabling Australian Aged Clients to live independently in the community through Advanced care Planning - Research Paper Example Data Sources: The data collected for the purpose of this paper are fundamentally from secondary sources such as articles, journals, books, online publications and governmental reports among others. It is owing to the fact that the findings obtained from these sources shall substantiate the need of updated and reliable information regarding the healthcare policies and services rendered to the elderly population in Australia. Discussion: The discussion conducted in this paper attempts to develop an understanding in relation to the issue identified with reference to the theories and the views put forward by various authors. Based on these views, the discussion further elaborates on the critical analysis of the healthcare services rendered to the elderly population by the concerned organizations in Australia. Implications for Health/Discipline: The implications obtained from the discussion of this paper indicate that nursing training and development programs shall be needed to augment th e efficiency level in Australian healthcare units. ... been discussed in this section which includes developing knowledge not only amid the elder population but also amid the younger populace from a long-term perspective. Summary Statement What is already known about this topic? The nursing practices and its importance along with the role of modern services in the healthcare units for serving the patients and aged clients Role played by aged clients within the community in developing, training and controlling the young generation with proper cultural norms; thus influencing the social structure What this paper adds? An explanation of the rising trends of aged clients in the Australian economy and its effects on the social inclinations An account of the modern facilities and policies adopted by healthcare units for serving the aged clients in order to make them live independently and influence them to serve the community well-being Implications for practice and/or policy Suitable policy should be adopted by the healthcare unit in order to serve the patients according to their requirements Suitable policy helps to build a good working environment for the doctors and the nurses along with avoiding the misunderstandings and conflicts existing within the social environment Introduction In many countries, aged people are often identified to be treated impatiently, disregarding their value of life and their contribution to the overall societal development. Hence, at times, the elderly population has to witness challenges in availing better facilities from the community as well as from personal belongings. In protecting the elderly population from these circumstances, government and social bodies can be identified to implement certain steps such as building of old-age homes and supplying the aged member present in the house with

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