Friday, October 18, 2019

Employment Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Employment Relations - Essay Example References are also given about different stages of employment relations starting from the beginning of the industrial revolution which resulted in mass production and mass employment. It is also why labour pressed for living wages and why labour movements at different times are connected to the living wage (Blanchflower et al., 2007). Literature review for the paper was written by taking into consideration both hypothetical and practical aspects of the manner in which living wage is connected to the labour movement and why labour started the movement to be paid a living wage. Research for a living wage is quite a debatable area, and there are many different theories regarding the inception and implementation for a living wage. The review examines a few theoretical aspects and then reviews empirical evidence of some contemporary findings. Analysis of the literature suggests that the issue raised is pragmatic which must consider the framework of negative or positive domestic local factors that contribute to the overall analysis of current and past relationships between employers and employees. Conceptual issues involved were reviews which included the progression of employment relations since labour started demanding a living wage. Nevertheless, the purpose of the review is to evaluate the available evidence to reach a coherent conclusion about relevant viewpoints of employment relations. The demand for minimum wages depends upon different factors such as the overall demand for labour, skill required for the job and the cost incurred by the employer for the product. The most difficult aspect of this is calculating wages considering outside influences. Literature for the different aspects of individual and collective bargaining, including various steps taken to improve the relationship have been discussed in this paper (Coats,

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