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Calorie Ingestion Essay Example

Calorie Ingestion Essay Example Calorie Ingestion Essay Calorie Ingestion Essay It was in April 29 until May 28, 2010 that I completed a list of my daily nutrition and exercise journal for me to be able to see and analyze my daily intake of nutrition in the following days ahead. My six-week goal was to lose two pounds through continuous vigilant choosing of nutrition intake, as well as through exercise and physical fitness and workout. From 248 pounds, it was my wish to lose at least two pounds and reach 246 pounds in a matter of six weeks. Despite some objections regarding the not-so-easy workout that I was about to perform, I tried my best to accomplish it, so as to perceive whether or not losing weight is indeed impossible. For thirty days, I tried to eat as less as I can without becoming distressed. I learned that losing weight is a mental workout and not just a physical workout. Main Body I started in April 29, 2010, by listing down my food intake, the total number of calories, fat, carbohydrate, and protein, as well as by listing down my activities for the days ahead; then I listed the total calories burned considering the listed activities. My activities usually ranged from seating, walking, biking, sleeping, and packing. As for the total calories burned, this usually ranged from 2,200 in April 7 to as high as 3,100 in May 26. The total calories burned started good at 2,700, but during the second week, it dropped to 2,300, and then went high again during the third week. The highest burned calories went in the fourth week- specifically on May 26 when it burned as much as 3,056 calories. As for the daily nutrition, my intake usually ranged from eating fried egg sandwich, taco bell bean burrito, taco bell soft taco, ice cream, coffee, sugar, milk, soda, cream substitute, strawberries, whipped cream, snickers bar, chocolate chip cookies, fried rice, almond chicken, and broccoli for the first days ahead. After a week, it ranged to eating fried egg sandwich, salmon, rice pilaf, broccoli, milk, coffee, sugar, cream sandwich, chocolate chip cookies, hamburger, soda, ice cream, macaroni, and cheese cake during the initial days of the second week. During the third week, I ate fried egg sandwich, Trader Joe’s Black Cocoa Almonds, hamburger, soda, coffee, sugar, cream substitute, milk, Nachos with beef, beans, cheese, sour cream, Whatchamacallit, and tea. Lastly for the fourth week, I ate Cheerios, hamburger, gravy, green beans, granola bar, cookies, coffee, sugar, cream substitute, mashed potatoes, pizza with meat, mixed salad greens, soda, chocolate pie, and salad dressing, which were a bit healthier than those in the previous weeks. My daily nutrition intake was lowest in April 30 at a total of about 800 calories; also during the second week, which ranged from 1,200 to 1,300, but then went high again in the latter days of the second week, reaching to as high as 1,800 calories. During the third week it dropped low again at 1,100, and went to as low as 1,000 calories on the fourth day of the third week. However, it was in the third week that I experienced the highest nutrition intake on the third day of the third week or on May 15, 2010. I think one of the reasons was that I ate a lot of carbohydrates during the third week, and this led to calories that were a total of 2,100- the highest number of calories in the four-week exercise; as well as fats that reached to as high as 96 calories. Conclusion My four-week experience was a memorable one. I learned that I had to be aware and vigilant of my food intake, especially when it concerns foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates, which drove my total daily calories to the highest numbers. I started with a goal of just two pounds because I wanted to start at a lower rate just so I can have an idea on how to lose some pounds without being too aggressive with my workout. I wanted to enjoy the process of losing weight. I wanted it to be part of my daily routine- one that is enjoyable while I achieve my goal of losing a number of pounds per month. I have lost a total of six pounds in a matter of six weeks: from 248 to 242. With this exercise, I learned that every calorie counts in this struggle of becoming wiser, healthier.

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