Saturday, September 7, 2019

The popular crowd (summary and response) Assignment

The popular crowd (summary and response) - Assignment Example According to his study of Narcissism Personality Index it is revealed that American teenagers are highly narcissist. He also explores BIGR ( bask in reflection glory) in relevance to life of a personal assistant to celebrity Annie Brent well. In final section the author travels to Pittsburgh where he meets diehard fans of Rod Stewart and realizes the obsession for fame has taken over the country. It is unfortunate to understand the impression the celebrities can have on growing children. In adolescence their psyche is tender enough to be manipulated and obsession with celebrities can bring about adversities in youngsters. The media has a big hand in such a narcissist attitude among American teenagers as it consistently promotes celebrity- oriented shows. The society conveys to the children that being popular make life easy .Such social conditioning is dangerous and can hamper the life of teenagers. The parents and school authorities need to create awareness among children to be realistic about their future and have set goals. The author has been justifiable in his discussions and celebrity obsession is a fact among American

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