Sunday, September 8, 2019

Performance Management Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Performance Management Paper - Essay Example Coaching can be very effective in eliminating workplace conflicts, cementing relationships and having teams focus on their core work hence achieve the set objectives. To effectively coach my team, I will focus a lot on developing interpersonal skills and improving interactions instead of developing individuals. This is because the way individuals act and communicate with each other are crucial factors that drive effective performance in the team. One guiding principle in my team training therefore has to be team work, learning to work with colleagues and understanding to relate with others. To begin off, I must understand team dynamics; it is obvious that all of us have our own ways of working and communicating hence one can really be frustrated if not understood by colleagues. The objective is to have team members come together, discuss their personal profiles and assist them devise means to work together. Once managers understand this then they definitely do the same even with the junior most employees. Another guiding point in team training is establishing behaviour expectations; understanding the perspectives of others can greatly improve performance and relationships. But there must be some ground rules guiding the team members as they work to accomplish set goals. Having a very clear behaviour code and communication expectation is thus very important. Another key point of training is evaluating rewards and recognitions systems. It is very common for values held by different individuals to compete and hinder effective performance in teams. As the manager, it will be my role to determine any sources of competition in values and devise ways to fix the same. Supporting individual performance is another essential point in team coaching as some members may require to be supported in learning new skills so as to meet team expectations. Readiness for

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