Thursday, September 26, 2019

Creating a dream job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Creating a dream job - Essay Example As the owner manager, I have the following Job description. Meeting the guests’ needs and ensuring their meals are served on time. Responding to inquiries and solving problems relating to guests’ stay in Ngalla's bed and breakfast. Responsible for supervising administrative tasks with respect to the bed and breakfast’s operations. Responsible for the management of staff and ensuring they maintain policies that guide the operation of the private home. In charge of recruitment of staff, discipline and performance management. Directing marketing activities of the business by implementing effective marketing strategies. Supervision of management tasks relating to the operation of the business. Custodian of the bed and breakfast’s facilities, by ensuring that facilities are well maintained. Overseeing the availability of equipments and supplies throughout the day and night. Preparing budgets and setting targets for employees. Ensuring current good practices are sustained. Overseeing the implementation of the best practices to achieve guest satisfaction. Compensation and benefits package Ngalla's bed and breakfast compensation packages are based on experience and qualifications. The compensation is competitive in the market. The compensation program is based on employees working a minimum of 29 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week. The compensation package includes the following perks. ... Delightful benefit which is a cash reward for delighting guests. Employees great rate which is a preferred rate per night at any of the hotels Ngalla's bed and breakfast owns. These rates include immediate family and are reduced for the extended family. Holiday club which is a voluntary program that employees can participate in deducting a certain amount from the paycheck. Make the grade benefit. A reward program that pays any of the employee’s dependants who scores straight A’s in the school’s report card. Rationale for the compensation package. The above compensation package is fit for Ngalla's bed and breakfast employees because the employees have achieved significant objectives in the past year. A firm’s employees are supposed to be provided with attractive packages as a strategy to retain the best performing employees (Tropman, 2002). Ngalla's bed and breakfast’s employees are warranted to have attractive compensation packages if they meet the bed and break fast’s objectives in terms of saving costs or adding to the company’s profits. The other area that warrants for the compensation package are efforts employees have put in place to increase turnover, efficiency, saving time and cost reduction measures. For the past one year, Ngalla's bed and breakfast managers have worked hard to ensure that employees are trained. In addition employees efforts have saved time and costs. Employees have done this to increase the bed and breakfast’s margins to cater for the remuneration. The compensation package is justified by the additional duties that employees have embraced to ensure to improve the bed and breakfast’ profits.

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