Thursday, September 12, 2019

Coding Schemes in Optical Fibre, Dicode Pulse Position Modulation, Literature review

Coding Schemes in Optical Fibre, Dicode Pulse Position Modulation, Reed Solomon Code, and FPGA - Literature review Example A review of the available literature would enhance the understanding of the coding schemes and hence make the researcher more capable of implementing the process of modulation. Transmission of data can occur either through analog transmission or digital transmission. In case of analog transmission of data, a carrier transmission in used. On the other hand, in case of digital transmission of data, baseband transmission is used. This implies that logical signals are sent for low and high levels of light. For low light level the logic signal is 0 and for high level of light the signal is 1. Sometimes a certain density of the transmission is obtained through data coding that can be applied in the process (Goff, 2002, n.d.). A good balance of 0s and 1s are offered by the schemes of line coding as discussed by Senior (2009, p.737). Related to this is the optical power budgeting that has been focused in studies by Senior. For the communication system based on optical fiber, power budgeting is obtained in the same way as it is done in case of other systems of communication. FEC refers to forward error connection the method of which is used for monitoring errors in the system of communication and forms an essential strategy developed within the line code. There are several line codes and schemes that can be developed in order to accomplish FEC in optical fiber systems of communication (Senior, 2009, pp.731-737). Pulse position modulation is associated with its implementation and performance on the optical channels. Optical communications based on free-space are significantly affected through changing atmospheric conditions (Acton, 2011). Researchers have been sincerely interested in learning about the performance of higher order multiple pulse position modulation over highly dispersive optical channels. This is performed through the use of different slots of the PPM system on the channel of the plastic optical fiber. The analysis of the

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