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What is Education? Education has been an important aspect in people’s l

What is Education? Education has been an important aspect in people’s lives. As children What is Education? Education has been an important aspect in people’s lives. As children, they start their academic careers in elementary school and as they grow older they move onto middle school, and then finally high school. I believe that from elementary school to high school, students are getting the minimal amount of education. Some people stop their education after their grade twelve year and some go onto post-secondary institutions. In addition, I also believe that students who finish high school but decide not to pursue post-secondary schools will have acquired enough education to carry on with their lives and as well as getting entry level jobs. Furthermore, students who continue their education in colleges and universities will become more academically skilled while increasing their chances of getting a well paid job (depending on their major). Their lives will be enriched as well. In this paper, I will argue my thoughts on what is the experience of education. There are many ways to argue what the experience of education is. My argument is that the experience of education means gaining the skills and knowledge to not only to survive in the real world, but to gain awareness and appreciation for life-long learning and the things that happen around us. Education is such a broad field as there are so many educational paths to take to become successful in a particular field. Common knowledge says that the education we’ve experienced in elementary school have helped prepare us for middle school. The same thing applies for entry to high school from middle school. These events from the three different c... ...e different situations. These skills should not be overlooked and should not be taken for granted. We must appreciate the world around us and be thankful for what education has provided us. Without education, we may not be able to do everyday things such as calculating our expenses, thinking logically, and interpreting one’s idea, etc. I believe that in life, all people to some extent are committed to life-long learning. Everyday we go through an experience such as studying at school, helping out in the community, or being a good Samaritan. For every experience we gain, we use that experience to gain another experience. Works Cited Barnhart, Clarence L., & Robert K. Barnhart, eds. The World Book Dictionary: Volume one A-K. Chicago, IL: World Book Inc., 1993. Dewey, John. â€Å"My Pedagogic Creed†. The School Journal 54, no.3, 16 January 1897: 77 – 80.

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