Sunday, August 25, 2019

Understanding Business and Management Research Methods Assignment - 1

Understanding Business and Management Research Methods - Assignment Example The research conducted shows that accounting education does not fill the needs of practice (workplace). The workplace aims to fill the clients’ demands (Catanach 2009). Elizabeth Smith confirmed the research (2009). In addition, the American Accounting Association research indicated there was a gap between practice and education (Hopwood 2010). The variance between what the practice needs and what the education sector (universities, colleges and other learning institutions) offers is widening through the years. The article states that the schism between the education sector and the practice of accountancy profession emerged during the 1900s. The schism continues to widen until the present generation. In fact, many stakeholders insist that most of the accounting lessons taught in the classroom environment are irrelevant to what the practice sector needs. From the 1940s to the 1960s, the demand for university educated accountant increased significantly. In response to the demand of the workplace, the universities granted a 400 percent accounting degree increase. The academic community increased in terms of faculty members and accounting graduates (MacDonald & Richardson 2011). The academe focuses on ensuring graduates are equipped with the basic management and accounting technologies (Gediehn 2009). The teachers are required to explain the importance of the income statement for decision making activities (Schwartz 2008). Simulated case studies will reduce the gap between education and retail marketing environment practice (Humphrey 2007). In terms of the accounting profession, the article first article correctly discloses the widening gap between what the universities offer and what the workplace needs, a metamorphosis. The metamorphosis of the business and accounting schools from simple learning institutions to become social science training spheres. The integration of the social science concepts into the accounting education program is of the

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