Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Arab Spring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The Arab Spring - Essay Example Political Islamism is shaping the face of Arab spring in that countries such as Tunisia which held their elections, the moderate Islamist party emerged victorious while Morocco on the other hand chose its first Islamist prime minister. Political Islam is influenced the uprising in the Middle East it involved more liberal use or application of Islamic teachings and traditions to inspire the people and thus champion for change. In addition, the policies of the Arab spring has big role to play in the regions present transformation. For instance, in Tunisia, people were more open minded guided with liberal attitude towards secular politics, while in Egypt, there is the Muslim brotherhood learning more towards the centre. Further, the uprising has been motivated by practical approach that attempts to move away from conflicting with the military while striving to raise both the economy and living standards. Muslim brotherhood has insisted that women should be given chance to participate in politics while they advocate for a civil state headed by either clerics or military. Political Islamism aimed to bring genuine democracy to the people (Warren, 2012). For the first time in Arab history, the feeling of belonging to one’s own country has grown largely in that masses inspired by their unique cultural resurgence that incorporates dancing on the street and changing old folk songs into revolutionary anthems is common everywhere. Through their culture such as street dancing, people fill the streets asking for freedom. Additionally, the quest for freedom is also manifested in poetry. Initially, women have been barred from publicly expressing themselves but now they are doing without fear that was poised by their strict cultural demands. Religion influenced the Arab spring in that the suicide committed by Bouazizi and a series of copycats immolations ignited the revolution. In

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