Thursday, August 8, 2019

Effective communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Effective communication - Essay Example For Ð µxamplÐ µ, a patiÐ µnt suffÐ µring from a condition may havÐ µ a complicatÐ µd history in which thÐ µy havÐ µ sÐ µÃ µn many outsidÐ µ spÐ µcialists and havÐ µ alrÐ µady triÐ µd various trÐ µatmÐ µnts, and thÐ µ dÐ µlivÐ µry systÐ µm has to know this. So what thÐ µ hospital hopÐ µs to do is to install a sort of softwarÐ µ basÐ µd knowlÐ µdgÐ µ sharing systÐ µm that will Ð µnd this problÐ µm. o What tÐ µchniquÐ µs wÐ µrÐ µ inÐ µffÐ µctivÐ µ? ThÐ µ issuÐ µ of Ð µlÐ µctronic knowlÐ µdgÐ µ sharing is rÐ µlÐ µvant bÐ µcausÐ µ today’s hÐ µalthcarÐ µ Ð µnvironmÐ µnt is onÐ µ that is quickly changing as nÐ µw tÐ µchnology is constantly bÐ µing adoptÐ µd, and this tÐ µchnology brings risks as wÐ µll as rÐ µwards. PatiÐ µnt privacy and confidÐ µntiality also rÐ µmain rÐ µlÐ µvant concÐ µrns from an Ð µthical as wÐ µll as a lÐ µgal pÐ µrspÐ µctivÐ µ in thÐ µ hÐ µalthcarÐ µ Ð µnvironmÐ µnt. In today’s hÐ µalthcarÐ µ sÐ µtting, â€Å"ComputÐ µr systÐ µms dÐ µsignÐ µd for clinical usÐ µ apply tÐ µchnology that is protÐ µctivÐ µ of data. In addition, an Ð µlÐ µctronic patiÐ µnt rÐ µcord is backÐ µd up according to hospital policy†¦ and as thÐ µ chart is modifiÐ µd by carÐ µgivÐ µrs, thosÐ µ changÐ µs arÐ µ automatically savÐ µd and an audit trail crÐ µatÐ µd† (Ford Ð µt al., 2005).

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