Saturday, August 24, 2019

Criminal Justice in the Movie Gridiron Gang Review

Criminal Justice in the Gridiron Gang - Movie Review Example The Camp Kilpatrick serves as the "last stop" for juvenile offenders before they are finally transferred to jail with the adults. The essence of retribution is encapsulated in the statement: "Let the punishment fit the crime" which is actually reflected in Gridiron Gang. Under this context, the degree of the harshness of the crime committed should be proportionate to the seriousness of the crime that was committed. Simply put, retribution is somewhat a backward-looking type of theory which looks to the past in order to know what to do in the present. In the context of the film, this is manifested through the number of years that a convicted person should spend inside the jail. Meanwhile, deterrence is usually classified into two categories: general deterrence and specific deterrence. General deterrence basically uses the individual who is sentenced for a crime as means of inducing the public not to commit any forms of crime. On the other hand, specific deterrence means punishing the offender to prevent the offender himself from committing other crimes in the future. Their detention itself is actually a means to convey to the other people that these offenders must not be emulated; meanwhile, the offenders themselves would be discouraged to commit another crime given the stigma that they could get from the society. Meanwhile, rehabilitation asserts for changing the offender through correctional means like the football team that is initiated by Sean. It is a good way of motivating the teenagers to turn a new leaf and also serves as a good way of diverting their attention into worthwhile activities. Instead of thinking about the punishment that they are given, they would be more focused on forging camaraderie and sportsmanship among their teammates, as well as opponents in the game. Rehabilitation is considered more effective among first time and non-violent offenders. Â  

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