Tuesday, July 30, 2019

War for the greater good

Through a course of history war has been a fact of life as we know it. It has caused destruction, and cost many lives. So how is it the greater good? For some, it's the resources that are used in the result of victory or â€Å"victor goes the spoils† others my say. From diamonds to oil, resources have been one of the main reasons for war. Other people may see war a way out or freedom, such as slaves Joining the army to fght in the war in exchange of being given their freedom. The cost of freedom impacted the slave trade of the 17th century causing massive numbers of recruits in earch of independent lively hood.Political power has also played a part in war, for advantages in geographical location and in search of collaboration to strength forces. The romans use this strategy throughout ancient history as they conquered many lands and use the losing army as a part of their own war. The effects toward pride also consider a greater good. One of the greatest wars in 1800's where th e U. S. embraced Great Britain in combat during the Treaty of Ghent on February 17, 181 5 where the beginning of national pride that struck the nation. Others may disagree of the phrase â€Å"greater good† as it may be looked as an insult o them.The men and women of the armed forces who have paid a strong price by trading in their families, lively hood, and their lives for mere combat. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has treated hundreds and thousands of soldiers measuring from minor to grave injuries. Many of those injuries in result of amputations, a fatal pay out for the so-called greater good. Many times the question had been asked; was it worth it? The women and children from the other side of war have suffered greatly as well. In the ancient times some of these women and children where either killed, rape or put into slavery.If young boys showed promise, they would train the young futures soldiers conquering army standards. Religions have shown great re ason for wars as holy grounds where fought upon for centuries. Even until this day religion views throughout the world have been the powder keg as turmoil ignited the spark. Some extremist believe they are chosen for a purpose and the ones against them are to perish by their higher power. In the war of Bosnia & Herzegovina, war crimes where commit but where look upon as blessings among some priest. The non-believers where also slaughtered as the lack of faith conflict ith the views of religion.Whether its religion, resources, or freedom, war will always play a part of life. We as a society will make this possible as greed and corruption lurk in minds of the tyrant leaders and dictators. We must realize survival serves its purpose to those who are willing take and conquer. We also have war within ourselves. Inner demons we must battle to maintain peace. Until then, the truth on whether the greater good of war as sufficient will only main a mystery. We must also be responsible to have a balance of in our lives and free our minds of hate. Well balanced sanity is the key to peace.While we may think the world issues as a heavy load, trying solved them through war may create problems in the long run. In conclusion that's everyone must make commitments tor the better ways ot lite in order to coexist. No excuses for radical groups who project images of inconsideration. In order to succeed in as a peace world, one should make sure they carefully cherish and value freedom and use your time deflect conflict. One of the most important aspects of personal responsibility is increasing your self-awareness nd knowing what stands in the way of for success with negativity.

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