Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Research proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Research proposal - Essay Examplethe companies, government organizations, and individuals are able to follow all the legislative requirements regarding the creation and governance of pensions1. This paper analyzes the expiration in which the costs of pension are able to affect the value of a company. This research mainly concerns itself with companies operating in the United Kingdom.It is important to envision that this area of pensions is an area that has been greatly researched, not only pensions in relation to the government employees, but also pensions in relation to private companies. Most researchers count at finding out the benefits of this pension schemes, and the role they play in the economy (Gustman, Steinmeier, and Tabatabai, 2014). Researchers are motivated by the fact that pensions are useful in helping the aged people to have the capability of satisfying their basic needs. Another reason as to why there is considerable interest in this area of pensions is based on t he desire by the UK government to decrease the old age poverty in the country.The government has noted that one of the about efficient methods of reducing old age poverty is restructuring the pension system in the United Kingdom2. This new measures must have the capability of addressing new and emerge needs. On this basis, research on the pension systems is developed to address these needs, and provide a framework for policy formulators to develop a policy that would help the citizens of UK make do old age poverty (Mullen, 2010). Pension is defined as an arrive of money, paid on a regular basis for purposes of preparing the payee for retirement. Pensions are a genuinely useful welfare programs, and this is because they normally help the aged to meet their daily needs.However, the pension system has always been accused of failing to remove the aged from poverty, since the amount given is always small, when comparable to the standards of living (Gustman, Steinmeier, and Tabatabai , 2014). This is mainly specific to retired

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