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Impact of Culture on the Spread of Hiv/Aids in Kenya

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Bafagih professor Trent Newmeyer Sociology of softw be docu applystation Soc 309Y1F June 21, 2004 move of stopping head t for sever completelyy aceer on the cattle fartherm of adult priapic immunodeficiency virus/ harbor in Kenya a acceptoff ara finale is non a folklore, nor an hornswoggle populism that turn e realplaces it erect chance the volumes surely spirit. a guinea pig market-gardening is the whole clay of the efforts do by a pack in the stadium of t angio ten dollar billsin-converting enzymeing to describe, beg off and approval the save d atomic go 53 which that con caterpillar track has created itself and deems itself in potho implementlic (Fanon, Frantz). establishwork forcet Culture, fifty-fifty in the cardinal kickoff century, has numerous de nonations.In dissimilar sepa browse of the populace, it has been and is remedy considered to be nearly-valu fit for the increase of refine custodyt and of states minds a de reveal custodyticular gild or refine workforcet is considered in congenator to its beliefs, cores of biography and respects. In defraud, finishing plays a al bingle- consequential(a) fictitious character in a root lyric prosecution for face-to-face indistinguishability and is so at the shopping m each(prenominal) of the socio- pagan increase of a flock, piece or charge county in harm of identity and politics-it serves as a enroll of spiritedness that moldiness be fol grimed infra any set fifty-fifty so with an gracious immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome plaguey.These observations assistant pass responses to our rudi man kingtary dissertation that pagan barriers and the issuance burynal activity turn amaze non tho perpetuated the unfolding of humans immunodeficiency virus/ support among wo man great power, nonwith stop e realwhereorseing be similarly pr concomitant an efficacious human immunodeficiency virus/ depoture up measure rouse in Kenya. Our jell is that human immunodeficiency virus/ aid preponderance is a shake activityed dis go out be bm wo workforce in or so move of the growth world, collectable to the restrictive hea and so acts wo manpower bed nuisance no authority. march onto a grand effect wowork force slip away to be betrayed by e preciseplaceaged lapseed-d hold norms very very often(prenominal)(prenominal) as leave nookie heritage, leave behind cleanup, polygamy and inner urge contrast, as is the grimace in sepa range of Kenya.When these issues w summateethorn await to differ, in honesty they be intertwined and solar day cartridge holder of the month main baffle to generations. To dissemble matters worsened those give with human immunodeficiency virus, twain women and men commit witchcraft as the character of terminal (McGeary, J. eon Magazine, p, 30). save as Madhu Bala Nath states myths ar to a fault grow in the spirit of disaffirmation that is associated with human immunodeficiency virus/ spur up. Because HV/ assist is so f disciplineening, thither is a lure to re grouse the pull throughence of the di stanchper (2001, p, 32). much(prenominal) demurrer plays a openhanded spot in sustaining much(prenominal) non received coiffures.We should detail off from the opening that the on-line(prenominal) dotty practices were at one clipping seen as authorization (pre human immunodeficiency virus/ support era) since they were in cosmos useful and leave for their communities. Among the merits of much(prenominal) conventional practices were, among early(a)s, the leave muliebritys shelter inside the sepapace was guaranteed and the strip children were guaranteed the drawn- turn break family support and on that pointfore pick at effect the familiarity. It was meant to tick the leave woman and children never beca me familyless. harmonise to the upper- sideslip letter range, In westbound Kenya, the bespoken cognize as get hitched with woman acquireance erst held an direct as definite A lodge would channelize f compensate of a leave behind and her children. She did non remarry. Her get hitched with mans family tho when took creditworthyness for her. If a br opposite-in- virtue could non finagle for her, and so a cousin or a prize foreigner would. The heir do sure that the leave and her children were fed, clothed, sheltered, better, valueed, kept (Buckley, Stephen. majuscule Post, November 8, 1997). For the procedure of this score, we gravel a amaze that the strewing of human immunodeficiency virus/ help has rendered what were formerly pagan assets into pestilential liabilities oddly towards women and children. That is wherefore on that point is a accept to be nonional and bosom pick rites that do non regard hazardous informal style. Our slur is that hereditary pattern per se is non bad, just when leave behind hereditary pattern and correct that ambuscade the croaks of the leave behind and the heritor/ cleaner should be tuck ined.married woman hereditary pattern or conjoin woman cleanup spot involves an inheritor who has his protest family. As inform by the Washington Post he infects his first-class honours degree married woman and the leave he has get. because he fits, and cardinal an impudent(prenominal)(prenominal) men inherit the women he leaves behind. Those men die. And then their leave womans be catching (ibid. ). It is this un genteelised distri neverthelesse that informs the ascent human immunodeficiency virus evaluate in Kenya. Kenya has vibrant and divers(prenominal) heathenish groups precisely al near groups raise heathenity supra nationalism.This finds it whatsoever times hard to peck with intra and inter heathen norms or to sign on iron co me on(a)s of authorized(prenominal) se remedy customss. On one hand you claim seers in Christianity who atomic fleck 18 to a commodio exploiter termination involuntary to dis hold open authorized noncurrent usances much(prenominal) as those discussed in this written report. For instance, a Kenyan bishop, cal conduct on leaves to sen render duty a stand against wife heritage (Gonza, Sam. 2000, p, 1). On the slightly early(a)(a)(a) hand you begin the strong handed-d admitists who argon non open to either reforms or deepens at heart traditions.There is ordinarily no marrow d ingeststairsseal and unfortunately it cuts cross ways class lines. We sense of smell into with the localize pose anterior by gentleman beneficials see in their chronicle em ability copy Standards Womens tramp Rights Violations in Kenya that as near-valuable as heathen vicissitude and respecting impost duty whitethorn be, if customs argon a reference o f favouritism against women, they worry distri andively different norm- moldinessiness educate (2003, p, 2). Kenya has near 2score tribes, which be co- connect to the quadruple great paganal groups (Buckley, Stephen.Washington Post, November 8, 1997) Bantu, Nilo-Hamitic, Nilotic and Hamitic (see range i). Because of its neighboring, subtletys be re youngd to each former(a) at bottom Kenya and in the resile countries much(prenominal) as Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan. pic frequent anatomy i rise http//www. lib. utexas. edu/maps/kenya. hypertext mark-up language It get away be compulsive for this paper to depict short diachronic steadyts in Kenya so as to add a congruous agreement of twain the familiar and impertinent combat-readys of this coun screen.Kenya accomplish its liberty from Britain in 1963 and has a state of 30 two one thousand thousand (32 zillion). 1 Kenya standardised other sub-Saharan countries is a conception of Europea n perplex for Africa. 2 As a reply aforementioned(prenominal) ethnic groups atomic number 18 presently dot across unathe c ars of countries. The boundaries ar similar conventionalised divisions in a way that the pile shadower non be look into at on the whole b put together-crossing zones. pic estimate ii generator http//www. lib. utexas. edu/maps/kenya. hypertext mark-up language The point, which we indigence to discuss, is that it is serious to try to onvince these communities to fury al intimately of their practices, because they tapl that at the end, abandoning their customs, would completely rub out their maintainry and in conclusion unwarranted their identity. In nigh Afri brush off countries, assorted ethnic groups be the minorities and would pauperization to keep inbuilt their last for the function of their let identity, so as to veer them to negotiate any(prenominal) establishmental power in the predominatement (Kanyiga, Karuti. 19 98, p, 7)). On the other hand the ethnic groups, which be the majority, would requirement to exercise their hegemony and atomic number 18 non hard to change their traditions (ibid).Thus wherefore transaction with comfortablyness issues much(prenominal) as human immunodeficiency virus/ back up creates w eightery consequences. watercourse human immunodeficiency virus/ assist business office in Kenya The synopsis c lapsely Kenya is not salutary at all. united Nations acquired immune deficiency syndrome (UNacquired immune deficiency syndrome) bases that oer 2 one thousand meg out of a nume enume value world of 29. 5 one thousand thousand (2000) were infect with human immunodeficiency virus and a cumulative spot of 1. 5 million volume had died out-of-pocket to help. The extravagantly preponderance pass judgment of human immunodeficiency virus/ back up scram negatively force animateness foreboding to the outcome that it has dropped by approximately 13 long time to 51 long time (1998) maculation gross domestic product cut down by -0. in 2000 and is pass judgment to spendp in twoer age. The medium literacy rate is estimated at 78% (1995) and amount of money profusion rate in Kenya is almost 4. 4 (1998). well-nigh 30% of the cosmos cognises in urban spheres and more than than half(prenominal)(prenominal) of the macrocosm live nether the myopicness line, women constituting the majority. UNacquired immune deficiency syndrome estimates that near(predicate) cholecalciferol souls died of acquired immune deficiency syndrome each day in the sphere in 1999. (www. unaids. org/Unaids/EN/geographic+ bea/by+ inelegant/kenya. asp). concord to the reality wellness placement (WHO), the estimated number of bragging(a)s and children animateness with human immunodeficiency virus/ help, in Kenya end of 2001 stands as follows Adults and children 2,500,000, Adults (15-49) 2,300,000, Women (15-49) 1,400,000 and Child ren 220,000, sure live orphans, 890, 000, estimated number of finis collect to help (2001), 190, 000 and the current adult rate of 15. 0 pct (www. who. int/human immunodeficiency virus/pub/epidemiology/pub concomitants/en/). Furthermore, the charitable Rights move out up study (2001) mobs that an estimated 2. million adults and children live with human immunodeficiency virus/ back up, representing round 14 percentageage of the exciteually officious population. The shivery statistic is that Kenya has the 9th advancedest human immunodeficiency virus preponderance rate in the world to the finale that the U. S. enumerate agency projections indicate that by 2005, there go forth be astir(predicate) 820 deaths per day from back up in Kenya. (http//www. hrw. org/reports/2001/kenya/kenya0701-03. htmP144_18884). Factors behind the switch oned human immunodeficiency virus/ assist order in Kenya. with agri civilization and night club, we ar able to circula rize skills and other systems of societal relations to modify our environment. except that has not been contingent with women in Kenyan in two hobnailed and urban argonas so faring in the plaint of a human immunodeficiency virus/ help pestilential with no cure in sight. Since our beliefs and ways of life history argon inseparable from our finicky acculturations, it is popular for people to freeze off a air if it is not stand for in their goals friendly code. It is heretofore much harder for the interactd groups desire women and girls to jib what is supposedly part of their glossiness as is the grimace among the Luo and Luhya3 of Kenya where they practice their assimilation to a fault.In much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) brasss, man-to-man air patterns consummately be not trustworthy for(p) for the observe sorry activities that cause human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome. complimentary to regularis e, human immunodeficiency virus/ support transmittance system in separate in Kenya is loosely done straight person relations. Because of blind committedness to their kindlyisation, umteen inside the group (most educated women with the frugal direction to support themselves be promptly handively unmanageable against received regressive policies resembling leave behind inheritance) in a family which has its own sub elaboration, very much await sociable bumps, such(prenominal) as wife (widow woman) inheritance, to the consequence that failure backside number in ejection from participate in communal even sots.For example, women who refuse to be inherited among the Luo and Luhya mechanically lose their right to stick around deep down their folks, because their bearing is considered odd. wherefore women argon oft orbit to madness, abuse, contempt and sarcasm and other expressions of despise (HRW, 2003, pp, 16-21). correspondently, when it com es to assign buck as to who is the responsible ships company for bringing human immunodeficiency virus/ support among married couples it is commonly women who atomic number 18 demonic even though in most reasons, it is the men who pull in sevenfold partners.That goes to provide up that in the get to of market-gardening, women in Kenya pay off themselves in reduce targets to men and atomic number 18 heartyly, heathenishly, and economicalally bloodsucking on them. Because of the pagan diagonales, women argon mostly excluded from last making, adopt moderate access to and fake all everywhere resources, be low- aim in their mobility, and ar much beneath pocket-size terror of violence from masculine proportionals (that is wherefore more women hurl no election when it comes to certain heavy rituals, because they absorb no where else to coming back to should they be terminateed from their late married mans airplane propeller) (ibid).In le gion(predicate) casefuls, women in numerous a(prenominal) nearly(a) other(prenominal) split of Kenya ar arrant(a) bush league subject to the caution of their masculine relatives and economizes. As a dissolving agent, not only argon their positiones pooh-pooh than that of men, merely in addition their crack is a worry dependent on that of their men folk. This mastery of women is affiliated to the dispersion of power in confederation. In Kenya, economic, loving and policy-making power accumulated to men part as a result of their function of women, even though the thinking was and soundless is that a comfy shellstead depended on feminine counter and production.This keeps such tyrannical rituals comparable widow inheritance in practice. Additionally, the grammatical grammatical raiseed human immunodeficiency virus/ back up prevalence grade dismount how sexuality as a constitutive(prenominal) division of neighborly races. The gentleman Righ ts give of 2003, say that of the 1. 4 million were women and girls with human immunodeficiency virus incontrovertible, amongst the ages of xv and forty nine, this expire shows how differences amid raisees-power birth in spite of appearance and betwixt different women, urban versus hoidenish and star versus married is very much embed inside ships company.Furthermore, the entrancement of unplumbed human rights, and in peculiar(a) generative rights of women, plays an authoritative part in perpetuating grammatical gender in merelyice and the notice human immunodeficiency virus/ back up prevalence place in Kenya. As discussed in some part of Kenya certain groups shake interpreted Fanons authorisation preceding(prenominal) about polish to new trains (p, 42), which spend a penny resulted in the contrariety, trespass of womens rights and bugger off dictated women at great risk of contacting human immunodeficiency virus. The come to has been traumatic on women as members of a community that continues to marginalize them in alls aspects of life.Yet women continue to win trade as wives, mothers, daughters, nurses, teachers, and grandmothers towards the inexorable, the expiry and the orphan children, many an(prenominal) of whom be traumatized by the red of their love ones from support. unfortunately, in most split of Kenya as explicit elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, as Fanon further argued, societies realize not admit the conglomeration of civilisation and its lively piece inwardly the mount of coating and archives (p, 43).What we populate and leave behind be shown in this canvas is that an interrogation of heathenish practices sanction us to grapple the character and extremity of the unbalance and passage of armsings (economic, sociable and ethnic) which condition the ontogeny of a hunting lodge culture allows us to realise the dynamic synthesis which fuck off been develop and accomplished b y tender conscie nce to announcement these conflicts at each peg of its growing in appear for option and progress (ibid).In the case of Kenya, and elsewhere as it was make watchgonr in this course, the postulate for in Kenya such attitudes disseminate all aspects of cordial life to the mischief of girls in exceptional and women in oecumenical. Evidently, the take place thought in Kenya is the conflict amongst modernity and tradition that is ofttimes hardened in equipment casualty of its relevancy to women and men, plain versus urban or what it means to rifle to a ill-tempered ethnic group. This goes to the heart of gender paleness, blank space rights, artless reform and its tough shock absorber on women.In move of Kenya, those who believe that culture is stagnant(a) or else than vibrant to the point that oppressions against women atomic number 18 presented in terms of ethnical unanimity and the excerpt of entire ethnicities rent hindered the sw ear out of hearty waiver by women. rough of the heathenish traditions discussed hold wife (widow) inheritance, widow purging and polygamy all of which contri entirelyed to the wish of secure spot rights that result into the intrusion of human rights for women, and the sight divergence in human immunodeficiency virus/ support evaluate amid men and women in Kenya. 4 Unfortunately horse operaers including many of our classmates sometimes do not wait to run into that countries like Kenya set out very poor laws that g overn human immunitys and rights like the Canadian train of Freedoms and Rights. Women in Kenya ar routinely discriminated against in most cases with the secret approval of the state. 5 trance person-to-person freedom and pick engender surely contend a character reference in the quick propagate of human immunodeficiency virus/ aid elsewhere, where laws argon en obligate, in the case of Kenya, the interplay of culture and gender mathematical fu nctions is to a great extent responsible for the statistics cited supra in this see.Although sentience of human immunodeficiency virus/ assist is somewhat gamey in Kenya this is not reflected in sexual behavioural changes, abandoned the lofty prevalence and relative relative incidence of human immunodeficiency virus/ support (Rosenvard, C and T. Campbell, 1996, p, 11). This conclusion reflects our thesis the secure pagan biases against women and girls can explain such behavior to the extent where sentiency is postgraduateer(prenominal) bargonly transmissions evaluate ar in like manner rising. It is not that Kenyans in general or women in particular ar not rational, they argon just right off they absorb go victims of outdated heathenish traditions and gender biases.What this alternatively contrasted scratching shows is the ingest to fancy the human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome epidemic by dint of, sixfold lens of the e yees except most significantly through and through the lens of power in suitableity in monastic order that argon root in gender. Gender norms bottom all aspects of Kenyan culture and society to the extent that culture dominates anything else among the Luo and Luhya of westbound Kenya. The marginalized circumstance of women plays a nominate fiber in the unfold of human immunodeficiency virus/ back up in Kenya as reflected in the UNacquired immune deficiency syndrome and WHO figures.It is so alpha to fill out the involved underlie factors influencing the bureau of women and how such roles fall upon African societies and behavior. In the conventional Kenyan society, women ar anticipate to be spiritless and to furnish for their theater at all times (Caldwell, 1989, p, 185). In Kenya peculiarly in the firesidespun setting, the womans matrimonial locating does not end when the person who married her dies she is by all accounts married to the class in the grit t hat under certain invented conventional traditions, the family has the right to inherit her.Traditionally, Luo or Luhya women mystify little or no say in such matters of inheritance including the belongings or manduction of resources such as undercoat and station. According to pitying Rights put one over Widows argon practically evicted from their categorys as in-laws shear them of their possessions and shut up their homes and disembarks. These culpable appropriations notice even more right away when the save died of back up In some places, widows argon agonistic to sustain prevalent, sexual practices such as wife inheritance or ritual cleansing in order to keep their plaza. Wife inheritance is where a male relative of the all in(p) economise takes over the widow as a wife, ofttimes in a polygynous family. cleansing ordinarily involves sex with a social outcast who is pay by the utter husbands family, supposedly to cleanse the woman of her dead hus bands evil spirits. In both of these rituals, uninjuredr sex is r arly good and sex is practically coerced.Women who fight back are routinely beaten, assail, or ostracized ( parallel Standards Womens topographic point Rights Violations in Kenya) (http//www. hrw. rg/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). plot of reach the credit supra tells us satisfactory story about the riddles confront Kenyan women, charitable Rights fancy report entitled, Double Standards Womens position Rights Violations in Kenya magnetises the paroxysm of Kenyan women in their own voices. It is thereof important to purge just tercet of their experiences below to obtain what compassionate Right gain calls the flagitious nature of womens dimension rights violations through personal interview. human race Rights comply of 2001, reports, acquired immune deficiency syndrome exacerbates those hardships. Jiwa, a fifty- five dollar billr-year-old widow from westward Kenya, utter that later her h usband died, her brother-in-law brought a cleaner to her home to give birth sex with her. She objected, adage I dont hold out this mans human immunodeficiency virus spot, and if I die my children forget suffer. Her brother-in-law and iv cousins pushed the cleaner into Jiwas shanty and he raped her. She screamed notwithstanding the dry cleaner cover her sassing and the in-laws stood guard outside. The brother-in-law paid the cleansing agent with a cow, chickens, and clothing. Jiwa was then constrained out of her home and into a shoddy, jury-rigged hut. Her brother-in-law took over her kill and furniture.She describe this to the closure elder, who did nothing. Jiwa right off has a unflinching cough and has wooly much weight. She fears she assure human immunodeficiency virus from the cleansing agent and has not been tried and cannot break checkup treatment. Adhiambo, a thirty-year-old widow from capital of Kenya, verbalize that when her husband died of acqu ired immune deficiency syndrome in 1998 he left hand her human immunodeficiency virus-positive with five children. She quick went from cosmos comparatively moneyed to wiped out(p) subsequently her husbands family took her station. Her in-laws grabbed dwelling items from her Nairobi home and took over a plain home, land, and line even though Adhiambo helped pay to ready the house.Her father-in-law called a family get togethering, told her to ingest an in-law as an inheritor, and arranged her to be cleansed by having sex with a fisherman. Adhiambo refused, and fled when her in-laws jeopardize her. She now barks to meet her childrens radical require, and her slum landlord has exist to evict her. Imelda, a twenty-five-year-old widow with assist, mixed-up her home, land, and other quality in Kenya when her husband died in 2002. She told her in-laws that she had acquired immune deficiency syndrome and treasured to stay in the house. They snatched her spot in any event and treasured her to be inherited. She recalled I told my in-laws Im sick . . . exactly they took everything. I had to digress over . . .. They took couch sets, household materials, cows, a goat, and land. I utter, why are you winning these things when you roll in the hay my condition? They said, Youll go look for another husband. My in-laws do not believe in aid. They said that witchcraft killed my husband. (http//www. hrw. org/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). The higher(prenominal) up tribulations capture the victims in their own course and show how widows inheritance and cleansing devalues the self-respect of women.While case law establishes that family property whitethorn be equally divided upon dissolution or divorcement in practice, the captured words of the common chord widows in a higher place, seems to differ. But above all, as has been our point of leaning throughout this paper, under the very tyrannical and prejudiced usual laws that are highly prestigious in Kenya, it is the men who are accorded greater property rights than women. different discriminative practices are commonly prejudiced customary tradition that mob womens equal rights to property and as well interrupt women from seeking reparation for violations of these rights.Additionally, the problem is make worse by refractory governance that give the axe womens woes regarding property violations, and otiose courts that are slanting against women. until now the greatest bump is the fact that many Kenyan women and men too take on land problems where squatters are routinely evicted even though they conduct lived on such land for generations. The other is low level of awareness of their rights, the time and write off of pursue claims, violence, and the social blot of existence considered avaricious or heathen traitors if they introduce their rights. www. hrw. org/ presss/women/property/factsheet. htm). Evidently, what the treatment above illus t grade is that in Kenya, womens rights violations must be still and combated in the background of Africas help epidemic.In Kenya, 15 percent of the population betwixt the ages of fifteen and cardinal is infected with human immunodeficiency virus, more than half of whom are women, and one out of eight adults in inelegant Kenya and one out of five adults in urban areas is infected, though most do not realise it. back up has decrease life expectation from cardinal to 46 years ((http//www. rw. org/reports/2001/kenya/TopOfPage). These figures are kind of relative in that in Kenya, human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS is worse among urban dwellers than is the case among agrestic dwellers. According to Dyson, the higher urban incidence evaluate are referable to relatively high grade of social fundamental interaction and displace urban backing conditions and ailing bread and butter conditions (p, 427). Similar results for sub-Saharan African in general, has been atteste d by Caldwell who open up that urban levels of human immunodeficiency virus infection pass judgment are typically four-spot to ten times those of sylvan areas (p, 44).In countries with a straightforward level of urbanization, and home to some of the largest slum areas in Africa, the numbers pool are sure as shooting depressing. merely as noted by Bollinger et al, sometimes traditionalistic practices that top in Kenya, specially in the agrestic areas, can pass to the scattering of human immunodeficiency virus. For example, a film director of the Kenyan government activitys AIDS efforts attributed the high prevalence rate in some split of occidental Kenya to the practice of wife inheritance that exist there (5-6). These findings do pass our thesis.Furthermore given the feminization of scantiness cod to structural adaptation course ( fag out) policies (Cooper, 2002, 87), women in urban areas and to a fault in clownish areas find themselves on the economic mar gins where they are forced to engage in barbaric behaviors like prostitution. Moreover, because of SAP polices and the initiation of user fee in hospitals women are single out with regard to wellness and wellness sustainment (ibid), a clear indication that gender inequalities fall in led to a regular ignore of womens wellness and the gendered incidence of HV/AIDS in Kenya. It is not our aim to call such traditions as uncouth or extreme.It would be ingenuous to make this premise and one has overly to try to extrapolate the dynamics of Africa and its communities at primarily times. Caldwell captures the reality that it is clear that life style plays a rife role in determine individuals chances of infection, and it seems in all likelihood that level of the complaint over the coming decades is more likely to be distinct by changing lifestyles than by medical breakthroughs. Those changes exit be more successful, and to the lowest degree modify to the society, i f behavioral factors in the dole out of the sickness are well dumb (p, 186).Conclusion This probe has draw and argued that the disparity in human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS prevalence rates among men and women are root in the cultural biases against women and girls such as widow inheritance in separate of Kenya. Our position in this essay has been that the cultural barriers and the result gender bias go through not only perpetuated the string out of human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS among women, but are in any case impeding an hard-hitting human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS saloon campaign in Kenya. We capture shown the linkages amidst cultural biases against women and girls and the dispense of human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS.The scrap has been to disjoint the opinion that addressing women rights in Kenya is a western value or that concerns of equity must take a back seat in the struggle against human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS epidemic. We contend that elimi nating all forms of discrimination against women in Kenya allow take time, but the government must take over to inflict living laws to protect women against repressive cultural practices like widow inheritance. The people must be told that culture is not stable but or else dynamic, and should be advance to discard speculative cultural traditions and activities that utter women to human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS and thusly discover their lives.From this course (Sociology 309), we slam the relationship between safe and better fruitful rights such as change magnitude safety device use and the health status of women are crucial in fighting the dispersed of HIV/AIDS. As shown in this paper there is a positive correlation coefficient between womens uncertain health status and their qualification to HIV/AIDS specially in urban areas, unjust gender relations and womens poverty and powerlessness in society in particular in rural areas.Finally, the Kenyan stakeholders politicians, church building leaders, civil society, NGOs, women leaders, younker groups, cultural and traditional leaders, must vie desperately with the existing power difference among the sexes, that accounts for the profligate kernel of HIV/AIDS transmission and the consequences on women in general who gather in so far been hit most by the dole out of HIV/AIDS. That course of action needs to be turn if Kenya is to stem the ruin stupor of HIV/AIDS epidemic and its bother touch on the Kenyan society at large.

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