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History of the Dominican republic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History of the Dominican republic - Essay ExampleBeing a close ally to Trujillo, Belaguer was appointed the President of the Republic. He wanted to run politics in his own way and allied himself with various semipolitical groupings in the Armed Forces but he failed to overthrow the government and sought refuge at Nuncios residence. Bosch took over power in 1962. The subsequent politics that took over after Bosch was also marred with widespread corruption and dictatorship.Balaguer was the leader of Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC). As a president he imposed semi-dictatorship rule and he was an undisputed authoritarian ruler. Balaguer was a major intermediary between the national elite, the Dominican people, and the United States. Blaguer solitary(prenominal) enjoyed support in the local regions. On the early(a) hand, he was never popular in the capital that had the largest concentration of population. The city was dominated by PRD as well as other leftist political facti ons.Balaguers regime was characterized as a feeble democracy since it undermined the consolidation of democracy. He controlled the national budget, the Congress, and the security forces, in addition to skillfully manipulating the political process. Balaguer was only concerned with power in spite of the means necessary to attain it. He assassinated his opponents and instructed his security forces to fire at protesters. The reformist middle classes and hawkish working classes supported the establishment of liberal democracy. Therefore, Balaguers Bonapartism was due to the political vacuum that was created by the failure of the Dominican elites to face the rise of a contentious society.The political history of the Dominican Republic is marked by fragmentation and disorganized civil society. Besides that, the conservative elites dominated the exclusionary political regimes that suppressed democracy.Joaquin Balaguer has been quick in the Dominican politics

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