Saturday, June 1, 2019

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     Robertson 1     It is a cold and damp day as I head to the news station. The wind outdoor(a) has gusto and with each passing step I keep hazarding to myself that any second I could scream because the wind is so fierce. The rain is pouring down and my umbrella seems to be malfunctioning due to a lack of strength in my wrist to hold it up. I am late, and afraid of what the foreman will say. Today is a day that everyone in the studio has been talking about, today is the day that I meet the Norwegian artist we hunch forward as Edvard Munch.     I step inside the building and am approached by my boss refusing to know, "Why did you insist to be late today, out of all days, do you know how many art critiques argon watching?" I feel ashamed, but it is only a second before my moral is lifted and I am met by a man of great size. A man that is most known for his work on "The Scream" and here standing before m e is Edvard Much.     I approach Mr. Munch and shake his hand, it is a bit clammy and very cold and hard. I guess it will take technology longer than we think to get this reincarnation thing down right. He smiles, although I am not so sure that I wanted him to, I have never seen someone whose teeth were as awfully stained as his, but then again, death will do that to you.Kelly Hello sir, I am gay to meet you, so glad that you could grace us with you presence. Please have a seat, they will be doing a countdown any minute before we go on, your not nervous are you?Edvard Grace? Your scientists were the ones that thought it would appease society to see someone reincarnated, I was having a joyous time up in Heaven with all the oils, and the canvases, and the lights and darks. Nervous, not at all. I dont get nervous anymore, not ever since the time that I put out my first set up of artwork.Robertson 2Camera man And three, two, one. Alright, your on.Kelly Good morning art critiques all across America. I am Kelly Robertson doing a special report today with Edvard Munch. Yes, that is right, we are the first to try reincarnation for the first time at the station and successfully manage to succeed.

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