Thursday, May 23, 2019

Long Walk to Remember Poem

Long walk to Forever Im what they call A. W. O. L Was a clubby first class in the Artillery. Hitchhike since two days, On the fringe of a city, Near fields and woods and orchard. In the early afternoon, I knocked on Catharines front door. I want to give Henry a rosy bride, By taking a walk with Catharine. One foot in front of the other, by dint of leaves, oer bridges. That will be my present. Ive never done anything like this before, Time to time, I softly said to me,I love you. I have never kissed you, I would have before. So lets take a walk, One foot in front of the other, Through leaves, over bridges. We had always been playful, but never talk of love. What happens next? I let you know I loved you.. Too late, she said. I started walking again. Involuntarily, she bursts into tears, and clinched her hands. A woman couldnt hide love, As I was seeing love now. I kissed her. The bells in the tower of the school rang. Just dream of me,Your grand Newt. Marry me, Catharine? Not Henry Stewart Chasens. There are many, many good things about me. We say goodbye, shake hands, part friends. I smiled, and walked away quickly. In hanker perspective of shadows and trees. I stopped, and turned, Catharine. She ran to me. Ill always remember you, she said. Im not disappointed. We take a walk, One foot in front of the other, Through leaves, over bridges. Im sorry Catharine, Because I love you

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